Majority of the populations suffer from some degree of the headaches and migraines. Most people think that headache and migraine are product of stress, weather or accident. Many of these can be related to weather or trauma such as accidents. However did you know that surprising number of headache and migraines are related to bite issue? When teeth first erupt, they often do not match. Over course of your teeth and jaw development, some do get adapted enough so that they can eat and chew without difficulty. However, unfortunate many cannot adapt to this and start noticing the following signs and symptoms:

  • Frequent Headache
  • Migraines
  • Chipping of front teeth
  • Wearing down the teeth
  • Bite feels pushed back
  • Cannot eat hard food.

If you suffer from these signs and symptoms, you may suffer from TMD. Most people survive alright despite this condition. But certainly their quality of life is not as great (dealing with headache for example, is not an easy task). Some people noticed their smile changes because of significant wears and chipping of their teeth which can affect your self-confidence. Unfortunately, these symptoms could get worse.

Our doctors are well-experienced in these area and will love to help you find a solution for you.